KK Coder Foundation: AI with Cozmo (Teens)

Course Description

Get ready to meet Cozmo, your partner in coding. You can choose to play with it or control it using Python! But it has more to offer than just that, you can see and feel the power of artificial intelligence through Cozmo. Code Cozmo to put a smile on anyone’s face, or try its best to beat you on a memory game. The course will get the student coding with Python while seeing/feeling the program’s effect in front of them.

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Course Outline and Schedule

Day Title Content/Curriculum
1 Introduction to AI and Cozmo
  • Get to know cozmo, explore its features and abilities while having fun interacting with its unique personality.
  • Begin coding simple tasks for the cozmo to perform.
2 The Basics
  • Program cozmo to drive, speak and sing!
  • Put them all together to solve situational problems
3 Pixels and Binarization
  • Program cozmo to see, and show you what he sees.
  • Learn about the pre-process before we can identify an object/face.
  • Code different reactions on cozmo’s face to respond to certain events.
4 Cozmo Vision
  • Program cozmo to recognize shapes and faces
  • Learn about what goes into detecting objects by using artificial intelligence.
  • Use face recognition to perform interesting applications for daily life.
5 Interact with the environment
  • Program cozmo to interact with objects around it.
  • Learn about how cozmo is able to explore areas without getting stuck and also have responses to certain objects.  
  • Solve a situational problem using the skills and tool taught in the course.

2 Hours x 4 or 5 Lessons (Across 1 week)


Featured tools
Python using Cozmo

Learning Objectives