Welcome to Koding Kingdom

Koding Kingdom is a trusted kids-coding partner for both parents and academics. Since our inception, we have provided coding courses for over 1,000 students from the ages 5-15 through our centers, partnering schools and affiliated organizations.

  • As one of the largest professional kids coding teaching institution in Hong Kong, our aim is to provide children with a refined set of skills that will prepare them for a technologically driven future .
  • Koding Kingdom consistently pursues high quality education. We adopt a student-centered approach in our teachings whilst following a well structured and layered curriculum.
  • With the finest team of engineers and educators from leading universities ; Koding Kingdom is geared to enhance your child’s digital literacy, interdisciplinary skills and overall intelligence.




  • Reading, writing, arithmetic, and now coding!
  • No homework or tests!
  • Learn how to make apps, mobile games, e-cards, 2D and 3D animated stories, and even how to program robots!
  • In addition to coding, learn problem solving, logical thinking, and creativity skills
  • Founder is Hong Kong born and raised, father of two, HKU & Oxford-educated Commonwealth scholar, and former CEO of two NASDAQ floated interactive media software companies with 20 years+ of professional experience in IT and software development


  • Learn from teachers with a wide range of teaching experience, from kindies through to university
  • Not only passionate about coding, but passionate about sharing this art and science with the next generation of coders!
  • Every teacher must complete a robust training program for the specific tools and programs before teaching
  • Our Minecraft teaching team comprises of some of Hong Kong’s finest Minecraft builders and redstone experts who are experienced in conveying the educational benefits of Minecraft to young people



  • Follow a structured + layered path to learn fundamental coding concepts, and use tools that are designed to cater to young, new learners
  • Designed under the supervision of university academics, and proven effective over 1,000+ students so far
  • Empower students to become proactive learners as opposed to traditional spoon-feeding, using our distinctive 4C teaching approach, “Construct-Conceptualize-Customize-Create”
  • Scaffolded to cater for learners of various levels and interests, beginner to advance; animation, apps, and real-life application.

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