KK Coder Application: Internet of Things

Course Description

Internet of things is the next blooming technology trend in the world. Internet of things opens up a new living style with higher efficient and safer environment. This course allows students to program raspberry Pi to perform the aforementioned tasks and build applications that interact with the devices anywhere.

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Course Details

Course Outline and Schedule

Week Title Content/Curriculum
1 The Connected World
  • Understand the trending concept of Internet of Things.
  • Identify systems with the IoT architecture as core and how IoT will define the future of technology.
  • Setup IoT development and testing environment with Raspberry pi2 and Python.
  • Project: Say “Hello World” by lighting LEDs.
2 Introduction to Physical Computing
  • Identify and apply the numbering systems of GPIO (General-Purpose Input and Output) pins
  • Design simple electronic circuits with proper interface with GPIO
  • Develop their understanding of variables types and identifiers in coding
  • Project: User Controlled Blinking LEDs and GPIO
3 Introduction to Physical Computing II
  • Building on lesson 2, students should be able to design their own simple circuits and connect them to GPIO of Raspberry Pi
  • Develop their understanding on program flow, decision and randomization.
  • Project: Create a random group generator based on the Harry Potter Sorting Hat.
4 Introduction to Network and Communication
  • Understand the importance of network to IoT applications.
  • The students will learn how to network two Raspberry Pis and then write a small program in Python that allows them to send messages to each other
  • Know that computers have an unique IP address that allows other computers to find them and send data to them
  • Project: Create a Simple Chat Program with Raspberry Pi and Python
5 Real Time Sensors through Network
  • Introduction to physical, networked computing
  • Extends Lesson 4: controls hardware on the client machine instead of screen messaging
  • Control another Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins over a network
  • Project: Listening LED and Sensor Control
6 Building Your International Space Station
  • Understand that the ISS is composed of several different modules and has been expanded upon since its launch
  • Learn how to install modules and libraries for Python Applications
  • Understand the Sense Hat module and hardware configuration
  • Understand how to use arguments/parameters in Functions
7 Movement Sensors
  • Understand the operations of SenseHat’s movement sensor modules and related hardware
  • Understand how the sensors can be deployed in a related IoT application to track and define object position
  • Identify and use arithmetic operators in Python
8 Avoiding Sweaty Astronaut (How to Reporting Temperature with Sense Hat Sensor)
  • Understand the operations of SenseHat’s temperature sensor modules and related hardware
  • Understand how to read data from temperature sensors and report them over the network in a predefine schedule
  • Revisit the implementation and importance of network in IoT
9 A thousand-mile eye Part 1
  • Using Webcam Function
10 A thousand-mile eye Part 2
  • Proj: remote control webcam (Local and Cloud)
11 Notification System
  • Implement Raspberry pi wireless notification function
12 Data Collection and Analysis
  • Extension of Weather Station

1.5 Hours x 12 Lessons (Across 3 month)

KK Coder Level 2 Track 1

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Learning Objectives

  • Collect and transmit data
  • Actuate devices based on triggers
  • Receive information
  • Communication assistance
  • Make use of the data flowing to and from things

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