KK Coder Minecraft Minecraft Special: Modding & Server Games with Java

Course Description

Through this course, students can learn the fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming by creating Minecraft mods and popular server mini-games using Java. Students will be able to gain hands-on experience in developing their own mods, which enables students to customize their own game and allow them to combine coding with fun. With Minecraft Solution of Code Kingdoms, Student can learn to code with Java through both visual-block coding and text-based Java Coding at the same time. Students also have the ability to host their own private real-time update Multiplayer server to Debug and play with the Mods created.

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Course Details

Course Outline and Schedule

Day Title Content/Curriculum
1 Making your first Mod
  • Setting up your own personal server for modding
  • Learn fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming in Java
  • Class, Instance & Method
  • Basic game development concepts
  • Exercise: Create your own Super Power!
2 KK Battle Arena
  • Learn about variables and variable assignment
  • Numerical data operators
  • Stepping through algorithms
  • Conditionals, Loops and Booleans
  • Exercise: Creating the Battle Arena mini-game!
3 KK Lucky Block
  • Advanced Variables & conditionals
  • Learn about different variable types
  • Evaluating algorithms
  • Switch statements & loops
  • Use of Arrays
  • Exercise: Create your own GOD Weapon!
4 KK Viking Wars – Part 1
  • Understand the concept of event-handling
  • Classes and OOP concepts
  • Using Data File to build a maze
  • Use event handlers & event bus to modify the behavior of the game
  • Manipulate different events
  • Exercise: Team up in Factions!
5 KK Viking Wars – Part 2
  • Variables Loops
  • Methods
  • Abstraction
  • Conditionals
  • Predicting program behaviour
  • Inheritance & Overriding
  • Exercise: Tribute for Gods, Holy blessings!
6 KK Hunger Game
  • World Border
  • Timer
  • Java Syntax
  • Conditionals
  • Switch Case
  • Control the game Flow
7 KK Pirate Treasure Hunt – Part 1
  • setTimeInterval
  • setTimeout
  • Locate the correct Method
8 KK Pirate Treasure Hunt – Part 2
  • Full Java text based programming

1.5 Hours x 8 Lessons

Have experience in Minecraft

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Learning Objectives

  • Learn to code with Java
  • Understand the basic concepts of object-oriented programming
  • Learn to create your own Mods
  • Learn to recreate popular Server Games
  • Understand the importance of Implementation and Testing
  • Learn to Debug through Console
  • Host your own Multiplayer Server