Our Company

Koding Kingdom is a trusted kids coding partner for both parents and academics.

Since our inception in 2013, we have provided coding courses for over 3000 students from the ages 3-15 through our centers, partnering schools and affiliated organizations.

As the largest professional kids coding teaching institution in Hong Kong, our aim is to provide children with a set of skills that will prepare them for a successful future. We have a comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance digital literacy, develop interdisciplinary skills and stimulate different types of intelligence.

Our Mission

At Koding Kingdom, we are dedicated to teaching students the fundamentals of computer coding in a fun and interactive environment. It is our goal to help all students, regardless of their proficiency in programming, to understand how to communicate with computers, and how to express themselves with computers in a creative way.

Using up-to-date tools designed specifically for learning how to code, we aim to offer an experience that prepares students for a future in which computer technology is ubiquitous and digital literacy is vitally important for success in many domains.

WHY KODING KINGDOM (Here are 10 Reasons)

One of the largest private kids coding academies in Hong Kong (3 locations)

Wide age group coverage (3-15) deploying different teaching methodologies. We provide laptops to all of our students during our classes!

A wide variety of around 50 courses from visual coding to syntax-based programming To Professional Certificate Training

Extra care for our students with special educational needs (SEN)

Courses linking to school curriculum that encourage problem solving, critical thinking and creativity

Teaching methodologies & curriculum supported by university academics

Incredible global partners sharing resources, tools and best practises

The company is founded by an Oxford Scholar and IT professional specialized in interactive media. He is also a parent of two children.

Over 90% of the team is certified coding and education professionals of prestigious company such as Microsoft, Google etc. We are also a passionate, diverse and amazing team from around the world

Constant pursuit of high quality education and a fun learning experience