KK Multimedia Design Video Production

Course Description

Learn how to bring your creative ideas to life! This course will teach you how to produce your own videos from start to end. Learn how to design, plan, film, and edit your very own videos before wowing your friends, family, and teachers with your finished product. Best of all, this course is designed to take advantage of products that everybody has easy access to so that anybody can start making their very own videos!

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Course Details

Course Outline and Schedule

Lesson Title Content / Curriculum
1 Storyboarding and Filming

Learn how to plan and organise the production of your video.

Understand the differences between types of videos.

Learn the basics to filming.

2 Editing your Videos

Learn how to import your raw footage.

Understand keywords: aspect ratio, resolution, and frame rate.

Learn the difference between interlaced and progressive.

Understand what all of those numbers and letters mean, (ie. 4k, 1080p, 640i).

Learn how to cut videos.

3 Enhance with Visual Effects

Learn about the impact color has on videos.

Learn how to alter the color perspective of your video to emphasize and enhance the quality of your video.

Add transitions to help your video flow between frames and scenes.

Add visual effects to liven up your video.

4 Customize Audio

Understand how audio affects moods and emotions.

Add background music to set the mood and enhance the viewer’s experience.

Add sound effects to emphasize visual events.

Learn how to add and alter audio for dramatic effect.

5 Text in Videos and Video Sharing

Create interesting titles and credits.

Adding text as a visual effect.

Learn how to upload videos onto Youtube and share with friends and family.

2 hours x 5 lessons (across 1 week)


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Learning Objectives

  • Design and plan a video using a storyboard.
  • Techniques for shooting film and pictures.
  • Edit sounds, visuals, and text in a video.
  • Video editing terminology and formats.
  • How to share finished work.
  • How to use software and hardware to record, edit, and share videos.