KK Coder Teens Roblox Studio Developer

Course Description

Roblox is one of the largest game-play and game-creation platforms in the world today with over 60 million monthly active players and over 29 million games created on the platform.

In this course, we’ll use Roblox Studio to make our own games and go from consumer to producer. Students will learn about creating models in Roblox and script game mechanics using Lua, learning about programming fundamentals as well as working as a team member when creating games with other people.

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Course Outline and Schedule

Day Title Content/Curriculum
1 Introduction to Roblox Studio
  • Introduce Roblox Studio
  • Create Roblox Studio Account
  • Familiarize Students with Roblox Studio Development Environment by creating a game
  • Experience developing games with friends using Team Create
  • Publish our very first Roblox Game!
2 Coding in Roblox Studio
  • Introduce Lua
  • Familiarize students with Lua syntax
  • Understand properties in games
3 Getting Started with our game
  • Build advanced models in Roblox
  • Building Terrain in Roblox
  • Learning to use the Toolbox to our advantage
  • Implementing Level Design Concepts to create more enjoyable games
4 Scripting our game (I)
  • Learn about game mechanics
  • Create game mechanics through scripting
  • Learn about functions and loops in Lua
  • Implement functions and loops to our racing game
5 Scripting our game (II)
  • Scripting a game loop
  • Using conditional statements in game scripting
  • Build a lobby for players

2 Hours x 4 or 5 Lessons (Across 1 week)

Drag-and-drop coding experience (Scratch / AI2 / Stencyl)

Featured tools
Roblox Studio , Lua

Learning Objectives

  • Get familiarized with creating games in Roblox
  • Learn programming fundamentals through Lua
  • Apply game design rules to create more engaging games
  • Practice making games in teams
  • Publish games to the Roblox platform