Why Get Certified?

Certification validates mastery of our skills. It can also give us a strong base to support our further learning of technology.

Future Career IT certifications are useful! Achieve a greater degree of success in your pursuit of higher education or a career

Validate Your Skills Have a firm measure and increased confidence in your skills - exams have value in validating our skills

New Opportunities Certifications open up new opportunities and ideas - demonstrate to peers your skills on the latest tech

Community Benefits Upon completion of certain exams, you become a member of the certified community & get access to resources!

Our Current Examinations

We are currently offering the Microsoft Technology Associate Exams (MTA) to our students. These exams are held at Cyberport and Lai Chi Kok. Earning an MTA certification proves a foundation of knowledge about technology along with the capability and commitment to possibly do entry-level IT jobs. It will also help your further learning in computer science & tech!