Our Team is represented by different nationalities and comprise of education and technology professionals.
The team shares one thing in common: We are all passionate advocates for providing quality technology education for our younger generation.

Han Son

Business Development Manager & Education Specialist

• BEcon&Fin (The University of Hong Kong) • Recipient of the HKSAR Government Full Scholarship • Certified Microsoft Technology Associate in Software Development Fundamentals • Straight As in A-Levels (including IT) • Cambridge Outstanding Learners Award • National youth team (swimming and waterpolo) • Gamertag: Misterpudding

“Coming across exceptional kids with immense talent is always inspiring, but to be able to help nurture that potential feels even more incredible. Coding is about solving real-life problems. It is about developing societies and making lives better. Children nowadays are far more talented than ever before and I am sure, with the right knowledge and skill-sets, they will stand to make significant contributions to the world.”

Jyoti Gupta

Operations Manager and Education Specialist

• Master of Computer Engineering (Mumbai University, India) • Bachelor of Computer Engineering (Punjab University, India) • 5+ years of industry experience in software development in internationally acclaimed companies like HCL Cisco and Convergys • 5+ years of teaching experience in teaching undergraduate computer engineering courses at Mumbai University • Certified Microsoft Technology Associate in Software Development Fundamentals

“Today technology is an integral part of our life. Coding is now a skill which is as important to children as reading and writing. As they understand the digital world around them through coding, they will certainly grow up to not only use technology with confidence…. but also be the innovators of the next generation”

Wendy Wong

Customer Service Manager

• Bachelor Of Arts (Simon Fraser University) Major in Economics & Minor in Mathematics • Certificate of Actuarial Science (Simon Fraser University)

"Coding strengthens our 21st century skills such as logical thinking, problem solving skills and creativity. What's more, learning coding is one of the best ways to enhance our patience as it requires us to constantly focus on solving a particular problem. Coding is the next universal language that we must learn."

William Chan

Education Specialist

• Bachelor of Science (The City University of Hong Kong) • Major in Creative Media & Minor in Japanese Studies • Minecraft Specialist • 4+ years of experience in Game Development • Co-organized Minecraft Education Symposium 2016 • Gamertag: Eminliam

William is a gamer and loves Japanese culture. He studied Game Production and Multimedia Programming in School of Creative Media. He worked in a mobile app startup and acquired professional programming skills and software develop knowledge in an agile development team. As Minecraft subject-matter expert, he is happy to combine his knowledge and Minecraft to nurture the new generation of developers, and promote the benefits children can gain through Coding and Gaming. “For Doomhammer!”

Rishabh Rastogi

Education Specialist

• Bachelor of Engineering (The University of Hong Kong) • Major in Electronics and Communications • Certified Microsoft Technology Associate in Software Development Fundamentals • Robotics Specialist • Experienced in tutoring students from different backgrounds • Competitive Chess Player • Gamertag: Tomyumgai

Programming gives one the power to control, create and innovate in way human kind has never done before. By simply writing code we can drive cars, explore mars and create artificial intelligence. This truly fascinates me, and I try to help my students see the amazing possibilities programming can provide.

Tobijah Cha

Education Specialist

• Post Graduate Degree in Education (The University of Hong Kong) • Bachelor of Education (The University of Hong Kong) • Google Certified Educator • Piper Minecraft Specialist • 4+ Years MinecraftEdu experience • Gamertag: Oppos

Tobijah has over 15 years of gaming experience across multiple genres and platforms. Along with a strong passion for education, he strives to discover, develop, and employ various ways to use games as a platform to educate students. “Games such as Minecraft empower students by providing them with a world that is engaging and interactive and not limited by costs, boundaries, or impossibilities. As an educator, I am excited by the possibilities that games could bring to education.”

Catherine Zheng

Education Specialist

• Master of Science (The University of Hong Kong) • Major in Information Technology in Education • STEM Education Specialist • Experienced in implementation of Project-Based Learning and learning activities design • Big fan of puzzle games

"Kids are smart in different ways, but what they have in common is curiosity". Catherine is a broad-minded teacher and learner who is good at finding the best in children."We cherish kids' nature of curiosity and give them the magic--the ability to write code, to inspire them to make things move, to have a deeper level of thinking, to interact with people, to have fun, and to enjoy the sense of achievement when they solve the problems by themselves"

Kenneth Kwok

Assistant Marketing Manager & Education Specialist

• Bachelor of Science (The University of Hong Kong) • Major in Science and Minor in Psychology • 5+ years of experience in alternative education • 3+ years of experience in kids coding education • Experienced in children handling (children with Special Educational Needs in particular) • Freelance Designer • Official trainer in Youth Coding Jam 2015 • Gamertag: KimJongUno

As a playful and cheerful person, Kenneth often has explosions of crazy ideas. He is also an outgoing person who is also into scuba diving, free diving, hiking, travelling and backpacking. “Learn hard, Play hard”

Harvey Adams

Education Specialist

• 5+ years of Minecraft Coding

Harvey is an immensely creative native English speaker with years of experience in Minecraft coding/education. Many of his students enjoy his courses due to his down to earth character and unique teaching approach.

Andy Tam Ka Long

Technology Consultant

• MPhil (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) • Dual Degree in Technology and Management (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Andy joined the Hong Kong Physics Olympiad in 2010 and attained a first class honor (around top 1% of the participants). He was selected as one of the representatives of the HK Physics Olympiad team for the Asia Physics Olympiad in 2011 held in Israel.

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